Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Church In Rosario, Cavite

Here comes another late entry which should have been posted five months ago. My mom and I went to The Most Holy Rosary Parish in Rosario, Cavite last October . I think it is two days after they celebrated the feast day of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. The name of the town itself is already enough to say that they are consecrated to the Virgin Mary.PA090187The town of Rosario was named after its patron saint, Nuestra Senora Virgen del Santissimo Rosario, Reina de Caracol (Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Queen of the Caracol).PA090188 The church’s humble facade with a huge balcony just above the main entrance. PA090185 The church is the shrine of a miraculous image of the Madonna and Child. The Virgin, in blue and red clothes, seems to be sitting on clouds above what seems to be purgatory. In her left arm, she carries the Infant Jesus and in her right hand, the cross of a 15 decade Rosary. (source). The image above shows a replica located on the small chapel on the lower right wing of the church. A steel fishing net serves as a veil over the icon, held on both ends by two fishermen, in a nod to the main source of livelihood for the people in the municipality.
ZXSFDWS The church’s nave.ZXZXSSDCThe right wing of the church with a small altar enshrining the image of Sto NiƱo.ZSCFEDF The main altar enshrining the image of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Queen of the Caracol. Since we are two days late to visit the church we have missed some of the town’s special celebration including the “Caracol”, a traditional devotional-circumambulatory-dancing procession in honor of the patroness accompanied by a joyful music in the waltz rhythm played by a brass band.

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