Our Ugly and Rusty Roof

Holah! That’s our Roof! Yeah I know that’s not an ideal one and look how rusty the other parts are. Well, it’s our fault, we failed to give our roof a regular maintenance and as a result, we have to bear with the series of unwanted roofing issues which include the irritating roof leaks. Oh if you’re wondering how the hell i managed to take a shot of our ugly roof, it’s all because I have to fix the antenna of our TV and so as my Smartbro canopy (Internet Service Provider) which were both blown away by the strong wind. Well, when i was there, mom grabbed the opportunity and asked me to trace where exactly the leak is coming from. What the? Where should i start? How can I trace those small rusty holes? I failed to trace any of them actually (yikes such a useless guy). I told my mom to hire Roofers instead. Well, at least they know what to do and it will save much of our time as well. This is an issue that should not be ignored or else it may lead us to a disaster that will cost us big time (and that’s something we want to avoid).

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