Owning a Classic Car

My friend’s wedding which was held last year in Alabang is probably the most stunning wedding I have ever attended in my life. It was really impressive and the venue was nothing but a paradise. I just can’t explain the feeling when i was there. It seems that the organizer of that event took care of every single details of the said event. From the flowers down to the reception area. Everything was superb and it’s almost what will consider as “Dream Wedding”. They do not have specific theme for their wedding but if you will look outside the church, you will see some vintage cars being displayed. I am not really sure if they were mainly  used for displaying purposes only or they use it for driving as well.

PhotobucketI am not really familiar with the model of this car but I know that it is classic and I am sure that the value of this car is quite high knowing that it is well maintained upon looking at its outer appearance (maybe the engine is still in a good condition too). Anyway, I think if you are planning to own such an expensive car like this, you better get a classic car insurance specialist to help you out. Insurance is a necessity for all car owners to hedge the risk of a possible devastating loss if ever the car involves into a vehicular accident and other related instances.  And as for owning a Classic car, i think the maintenance will cost you big time as well hehe.

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