Packages Sent!!

Finally, i was able to send all the remaining packages for my blog idol contest. The contest was held online last May and it ran for 2 consecutive months. The Blog Idol winner got $35, $15 for the first runner up; $10 for the third which were all given in time. Top 4 to Top 11 will get a Capiz Box as a special price for joining my game. However, i got some issue with one of my sponsor who sent the money too late and i also got some trouble with the packaging. The item is made out of Capiz and Capiz is quite sensitive as it breaks easily. Finally, all the issue was solved and i was able to send them all to my Blog Idol Season 3 contestants. Anyway, my blog idol site will be temporarily inactive and will go live again as the 4th season starts. I just wish that the fourth season will be as successful but not as controversial as the third season. Will give you updates about this soon!

2 thoughts on “Packages Sent!!

  • November 13, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    Wow! 4th season of Blog Idol starting soon? How time flies!! Best of luck to Blog Idol 4! : )


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