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I was scanning some of my old folders last night when I found these pictures taken 2 years ago. It was the Blog Idol Shirt which was one of my giveaways for said contest. Just like the “Magic Mug” from my previous blog entry, the T-shirt is also personalized and I designed it all by myself. Well, what makes it more interesting is the fact that it makes you more unique because no one can have the same design as yours not unless you printed a lot of copies for your team, colleagues or friends for a certain activity, campaign or event. PhotobucketThe picture shown on the left was actually my initial design. I took an image of a black shirt online and edit it through Photoshop to see how nice will it look when I added on the Blog Idol Logo design. Unlike the Blog Idol Last year, The T-shirt from Season 3 is not a part of the grand prize but a consolation  for one of the lucky voters. I planned it to have the Blog Idol logo in front and the winner’s Blog address at the back portion and a small Blogger logo on the left or right sleeve. The output didn’t turned out exactly as what I have planned but I am very satisfied with it. I decided to check how the printing is being done and it’s actually very fun to see how they transfer your design from the computer to your desired tee. Actually the printing didn’t take awhile and in just few minutes, the T-shirt is done and ready for shipping. I’m not sure what equipments they have but I think it is very ideal to have such tool and to start your own prPhotobucketinting business too haha. Anyway, I simply gave the USB where my design was and they took it out and save it on their PC. They did some adjustments to the picture and printed it on a special kind of paper. Then here comes the bulky iron-like equipment, where he laid out the black t-shirt. He put on the design carefully and press the machine firmly. After a few minutes, the design was transferred on the t-shirt! Anyway, the prize of the personalized t-shirt is quite higher than the ready-made ones but it’s truly worth it considering that it’s very unique and one of a kind. They’re selling out their own designs too including those funny shirts with humorous quotes and images on it. It’s a very ideal gift actually especially if you know something funny or if you have some catchy “pick up” lines and you want it to share to everyone, then why not print it on your tees right?

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  1. Its look more better if there is some more creative and attractive design art work on this t-shirts..

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