Pico De Loro

It’s been a year now since the last time  my friend and I went  on  a mountain hike and I really miss it so bad. I came across an article a few days ago that tackles about this gorgeous Pico De Loro Mountain. It came to be by surprise that  the mountain is located   in my very own hometown in Cavite. It is located exactly in Maragondon, one of the oldest provinces in Cavite. Most of the places here are thickly forested  but despite of that, the place offers a lot of historical events and Pico De Loro, itself is one of their main attractions. It was such a shame that I never had a chance to visit this place and witness the stunning   mountain  view.

The weather may  not be so cooperating lately but as soon as it  becomes  perfect, my friend and I will definitely grab this opportunity to hike and reach the highest peak of this great mountain. I am not and expert when it comes to hiking but at least I  know the basics. I am always  prepared when it comes to this outdoor activity and i always want to make sure that we got almost everything before going to our  destination.  I always bring a tent with us and  even though we are not planning to stay overnight, i think it is still necessary especially when a bad weather arrives unexpectedly. I saw a nice Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 Tent yesterday and I am so eager to buy this stylish tent. It is absolutely perfect for a hiker like me and I would love to bring this in our upcoming trip in Pico De Loro.

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