Play Golf And Be Like Tiger Woods

Golf is a very easy sport. The goal is very simple and all you need is to shoot the golf ball in the hole using your golf club. Challenges comes in though the obstacles that you have to face in each golf courses that you take. Of course, you can play the game no matter how many times you want but the thing here is how are you going to play it effectively? Training is the answer right? Well, unless you were a child prodigy like Tiger Woods who started playing golf at the age of two and begun to compete at the age of 10 in which he won his first championship award. Since then, he constantly won almost all the tournament that he was engaged and now he is considered as an Icon in the Golf history.

So would you like to be him someday? Don’t worry it’s not really ambitious. With proper training and hard work, It’s possible. Well, we may not be as good as Tiger Woods , the most important thing here is that we’re having fun with it.
Start challenging yourself. Why not try those exciting Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. It’s a great start indeed.

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