Playing Trumpet

I was in High school, I used to be a part of our school’s grand choir. Being a member of the school’s choir is actually not my plan but it just so happened that our mentor heard me singing while I was with my friends in the canteen. Since then, I actively participated in most of the major events and even in some school competition.

I actually want to become a part of the Drums and Lyre team. I always wanted to play either a xylophone or a trumpet but unfortunately, it didn’t happen at all. I never had enough chance to approach my mentor and I didn’t have enough courage to do that as well. I might be old enough for the Drums and Lyre but it’s not too late for me to learn these stuffs. I was fortunate enough to see a music workshop few days ago and few of the instruments they are teaching include trumpet, guitar, piano and violin. They also offer a voice lesson too.

I think i am going to go for the trumpet part. I am confident too that I can finish their four weeks tutorial program since I decided to give up my Chavacano lessons few weeks ago (Chavacano is a dialect). However, I don’t have my own trumpet yet and maybe I have to start looking for a good 3c bach mouthpiece gold plated cup at wwbw so that I can practice my skills at home. How about you guys , what kind of instrument you would like to play someday?

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