Plumbing Issue

This newly renovated lavatory seems so nice right? Of course i should say that because i’m the one who chose the tiles for it. So glad that my selection of ceramic tiles ended up with something nice and clean-looking like this.

I chose this Maroon colored tiles for the wall. This is my favorite color actually.

I thought this diagonal designed tile will perfectly match with my maroon kitchen wall.

This cute little tile made the kitchen more appealing.
The entire kitchen was renovated last November and it is quite disappointing that it’s starting to give us some headaches. Just recently, we had some trouble with the faucet. I was not so sure if the problem is in the faucet or the piping line but the water was not flowing from it. So we called a plumber to fix it. Well, in fairness to the plumber, he was able to fix the issue in no time.
And now after 3 months, the same issue occurred again and i don’t know where the hell i can contact that plumber. It’s 5 am in the morning now and i am so sure that they are not awake as of this moment. If we only have something like the plumbing services in singapore which is open 24/7, i’m sure this issue can be fixed in no time. Singaporeans are sure lucky to have Family Plumber, leading plumbing services company in Singapore because they can contact the company no matter what time or day it will be. Oh they are open even during public holidays.

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  1. Plumbing work can be done by yourself, but having it fixed can be a very messy job if you do not have proper knowledge of plumbing. Plumbing services in Singapore are well-equipped with fast service, professional service, and quality plumbing job.

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