Protecting Our Rights!

Are you familiar with Jones Act? I am not a lawyer or any related field and I don’t have any knowledge about the law. However, I am familiar with this Jones Act. Jones Act is a law which provides a cause of action in negligence for “any seaman” injured in “in the course of his employment.” My dad is a seaman and his been working there for almost 10 years. Of course, every employee has their own rights and there’s always a law that protects them against their abusive employer.  So far I am happy that my Dad has never been involved in such companies but he has lots of friends who been in such trouble. Good thing there’s “Jones Act” that is ready to save them.

Just like what happened between Arnold & Itkin LLP Client and Wright’s Well Control. Arnold & Itkin LLP filed a Jones Act lawsuit against Wright’s Well Control, Montco Offshore, and C&C Offshore because of the serious injuries their client received offshore of Cameron, Louisiana. Arnold & Itkin LLP’s client was working on a plug and abandonment job when the crane operator of a lift boat slammed him to the deck of a supply vessel while the seaman was in a man basket. The client sustained several herniated discs in his neck. Luckily, there’s the Louisiana Jones Act to save him and help him fight for his right against this company.

Every employee has their own rights and we should all be aware of it! It is true that we are working under a certain company but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can do whatever they want to us. They have their limitations too and we are lucky enough that we have such laws that protect our rights!

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