Rainy Season Just Got Started

Summer is completely over and that means, i will no longer see any birds flying around our front yard. It’s been raining so hard these past few days and not to mention the threat brought to us by Typhoon Chedeng. I thought there will be another Typhoon Ondoy but thanks God, our prayers has been answered and He prevented it from happening again.

We should be very grateful that we do not have any hurricanes here just like what happened in Oklahoma. Most of my paternal relatives were there that’s why we didn’t waste any of our time and we gave them a call to check their condition. Thanks God all of them are safe and their location is quite far from those affected areas.

Okay, guess what? It’s raining again here and I’m afraid that there will be an unscheduled brown out again. Yikes!

And here comes the dark clouds. Sobs! It seems that i will not be needing my steiner binoculars for awhile since the stars will be hiding under those dark nimbus clouds. Have a cold and rainy Sunday guys!

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