Raising Poultry

Managing a Poultry business is not an easy task! This is what I’ve learned after we visited my Uncle’s farm in our province in Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte. I really had so much fun playing with my neice and nephews, so as my cousins.

The Province of Ilocos Norte specializes in some agricultural products like rice, corn, garlic, root crops, legumes, tobacco and other fruits and vegetables. The province is also known for their Tilapia Industries. My Uncle is currently raising poultry like chickens, ducks and other livestocks like cow, sheep and pigs.

Among all these poultry animals, raising chickens is the most interesting. Most farmers keep chickens primarily as source of food, consuming both meat and eggs.

Here, i took a picture of one of their chicken.

manok ni blue by you.

I’ve learned that not all chickens are laying eggs. Chickens that are farmed for eggs are called “hens” while chickens farmed for meats are called “broiler chickens”. Sad to say, the life span of these poor broiler chickens typically take less than six weeks after thay have reached their slaughter size. Luckily, egg laying hens will naturally live for more than 6 years!( Thanks God)

Moving forward, chicken eggs are incubated until they hatch after 21 days. My uncle is using an improvise incubator, placing  incandescent bulbs inside the cage.

Nearly all parts of the chicken can be used for food and the meat can be cooked in many different ways. I love chicken dishes like “Chicken Adobo” (a popular filipino dish), chicken curry, grilled chicken and more!

These chicken dishes are perfect to match up with some Ilocos yummy delicacies like chichacorn and Bibingka (rice cakes).