Reading Practice

Milzon is now in Grade 1. He’s doing well in Math and other Subjects except for Filipino and English. Well he can read but he reads very slow as if you’ll get irritated to him if you were his tutor. Thanks God i have lots of patience for kids. We didn’t get any tutorial services for him because we decided to teach him personally. It is not just a practical decision but it will also give us a chance to monitor his progress in reading. I will become a teacher 2 years from now and teaching Milzon is like a training to me already. Of course, i started to teach him the Filipino Subject because it is way lot easier for him to understand. Her teacher gave them this reading material so that they can practice reading at home. On his first try, i noticed that he had hard time reading words with diphthongs and clusters. But he can read the abakada with no ease. I let him read this “Ang Bukid” for five times so that he’ll get familiarized with the words. I will let you know the result of his English Subject Session in my next entry.

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