Reindeer Guy

One of my most embarrassing moments would be the time that i got caught having big reddish pimples on my nose. My friends teased me as “reindeer” at that time, making me so upset. It is really a big turn off for everyone especially teenagers to get caught having pimples. As much as possible we wanted to face our friends with clean and acne free face. I have an oily skin and pimples are my greatest enemy. It is very frustrating that no matter how frequent i wash my face, after a few minutes, it becomes oily again. And as the result, i will get rashes and pimples all over my face which makes me so upset. Good thing i was able to find the best acne medicine online which lessen my oily skin problems and effectively  prevent pimples, blackheads and others from coming back. Thanks God, i am not that reindeer guy anymore.

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