Replacing our Toilet!

We’re having an ongoing reconstruction in our house. We wanted to change the ceilings and replace the roofs before the rainy season comes. Last year, we really had so much trouble because the water is leaking down from the roof causing our ceiling to break down.

(Workers fixing our ceilings)

(our roof after replacing the old ones)

Actually I am also requesting my mom to replace our toilet bowl. The bowl we have in our bathroom is already there ever since the house has been constructed. So I think after that long years of serving us, it only deserves a replacement. If ever I get my mom’s approval, I would tell her to buy a kohler toilet bowl. These Kohler toilets are very affordable, cheap yet high in quality. The brand has proved themselves over the years and well known for providing a high class and very durable materials.

I found a picture of Kohler at is an online store that offers great and state-of-the-art kitchen and bathroom decorative products including toilets, sinks, faucets, and more. Formore information about their products, just visit them in their site and see what the site had to offer for you.

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