Safety First!

Remember my mom’s burnt foot? Oh yeah, it was such a horrible accident when my mom dropped the thermos on her feet causing a second degree burn on her left foot. Since then, she became really careful  and we didn’t let her use the kettle and the thermos anymore. We bought an Electric-powered thermos so it would be less hassle for us if ever we need hot water for our coffee. At this moment, mom’s burnt foot is nothing now but a big scar and I should be thanking my cousin Abel who gave us helpful advises on how to cure my mom’s burnt foot much faster. We were actually panicking when we saw a lot of blisters on her wound but thanks to him who advised to stop applying  Hydrogen Peroxide because it will just make the wound worst. He gave us an ointment which is really helpful because my mom’s wound got healed after 4 consecutive days. Anyway, i think it serves as a lesson for all of us that we should be very careful in everything that we do because accident like this may occur in the most unexpected time and place.

As much as possible keep yourself protected whether you are at home, driving the highways or at work. We cannot predict what will happen so we should be alert and cautious. Wear protective gears if necessary to protect yourself from any sever injuries. Wear heated gloves or any types of heated clothing especially if you are into cold weather sports or activities. It is actually advisable to wear such type of clothing especially during this winter season to prevent ourselves from suffering from frostbite or frost nip. Wear safety helmet or fasten your seat belts securely if you’re driving. These are just few of the so called safety precautions that we can do to prevent us from any sense of danger.

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