Salts for Hygiene?

I’m just done marinating my fish today. I am planning to cook my all time favorite “Daing na Bangus” or Dried Milkfish tomorrow. The secret of the best-tasting dried fish is to marinate the fish over night so that all the ingredients will be sipped-in into the fish. Of course in marinating, all you need is one cup of vinegar and a clove of garlic, crushed and pepper. Marinate it and put in inside your refrigerator over night. However, aside from marinating, there’s another way of preparing “Daing na Bangus”. That is by salting the fish and placing it under the heat of the sun. Place the salted fish under the sun the whole day and presto! You can now fry it in a pan and have a great tasting “Daing na Bangus”. Speaking of Salt, yesterday my Auntie brought a lot of Indian Mangoes for us. It is summer already so I am not wondering why there are lots of mangoes being sold out in the market. Summer is also the season of fruit bearing trees like mangoes, banana, papaya and more. I usually dip mangoes in salt. Without salt, eating mangoes is kinda boring for me. This makes me, somehow, realized how important the salt is, not just in cooking but in all other things.

Salt is more than just an important ingredient in your beloved recipes. It has many functions and purposes too. Salt plays an important role in food preservation. I also remember my mom dissolving salt into a glass of water and make me gargle it when I have sore throat. Salts are also use in most spas stating that salt can produce a therapeutic effect in our body. These salts are commonly known as Bath Salts. It is said that bath salt can restore your damaged skin. By soaking it to your skin, you will definitely have a relaxing feeling. It nourishes not just your body but also your mind allowing you to reach a complete state of renewal. SaltWorks, America’s leading sea salt company, offers premium bath and scented salt that are made and taken from the Dead Sea Salt. You can visit to see more details about bath salts and Bath Salt Guide.

See! Salt is more than just a cooking ingredient. It also has many useful functions including the therapeutic effect produces by bath salts. So if you are interested in using Bath salt, don’t hesitate to visit SaltWorks website and see what the site has to offer!

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