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It is very undeniable that it is really hard to find a job. Sad to say, even those applicants who are holding a college degree and those who are highly skilled are having a hard time to find a job. Recently, i have heard on the news that  lots  doctors here in our country are trying their luck in other countries not as a doctor but as medical assistants or nurses. Well, we cannot blame them since they are earning well abroad. There is a huge difference when you compare the salary that an overseas worker is receiving than what is being offered in our country. Well, for me, working is not just about the salary. Yes! it plays a very important role but for me, the most important thing to consider to get a job that you like. You cannot appreciate a job no matter if it is a highly compensated if you cannot learn how to love it. I think this is the reason why we have online job finder site to make it easy for us to find the job that we want. Let say for example, Marketing graduate students, it will be easy for them to track the latest sales jobs openings online. In my case, i am an Education student and using these job finder sites, i can easily trace what schools, local or abroad, are looking for teachers, instructors or other related field. Thanks God, we have this kind of technology.


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  1. Steve Russ says:

    Here are some jobs…

    Mobile advertising reps wanted to support the Think Local – Shop Local movement.

    Must have either an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android OS smart phone. Good pay – flex hours – no startup costs.

    High School and College Students Welcome too.

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