Sex Education, Are Your In Favor or not?

I remember attending a seminar before that is aiming to teach people mostly in slum areas about proper sex education and proper knowledge about birth control and how much every couple can benefit from it. Recently, this sex education is in the head of the news as Department of Education is planning to include sex education in one of the academic curriculum. Now, are you in favor with this new DepEd project? Well, for me it’s okay as long as they are setting limits and should teach what is appropriate in the students’ ages. Yesterday, while I am surfing online, I found a site promoting about a male sexual enhancement pill. No, it is not Viagra, the name is Extenze. Just like what I said, it is a male sexual enhancer pill. Well it is not actually a website that sells such product; it is an online forum that encourages male users to provide their own extenze reviews. I think it is a great way to seek some information from other users of this product before trying it for your self. Family planning is the best way if you want to have a happy family and you should also be aware that sex follows responsibility and it should take preparation and readiness before you decide to do it.

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