Sight Saving Tips

Milzon already has a 20/50 vision that forced him to wear prescription glasses at a very young age. Since then, i started to become aware on those activities that may harm my eyes. Poor eyesight has never been an easy thing that’s why we’re doing our best to keep my brother’s normal vision back. Anyway, you might want to check these Sight saving tips to keep your eyes always healthy and to avoid poor vision in the near future.

  • Have an eye check up by an eye doctor or an optometrist or your family physician, once a year.
  • Eye examination before employment is necessary.
  • Eye examination or visual screening of all students once a year should be a routine procedure.
  • Visual examination of all car drivers should be enforced.
  • Good lighting , erect position and proper distance for reading, close work or observing television should be taught to all.
  • Proper protection for the eyes from excessive heat, glare and possible trauma while working or playing.
  • Pointed sharp edged and other dangerous toys  and play things should be avoided, especially firecrackers.
  • Avoid contact with those having sore eyes. Self medication by advertised eye-drops are not harmless.
  • Not to touch your hands with dirty hands, towels, handkerchiefs or other materials.
  • Keep household chemicals and harmful objects beyond the reach of infants and children.
  • Avoid vigorous rubbing after foreign object get into your eyes. Wash immediately and thoroughly any chemical that gets into your eyes.
  • Do not look directly at the sun, bright lights, welding or eclipse.
  • Pay attention to the following danger signs: blurring of vision with or without eyeglasses, seeing spots or light flashes, redness, tearing, sensation of foreign object, itchiness, secretion, pain , heaviness, swelling, seeing double, repeated or persistent headache or dizziness.
  • Eye injuries and eye infection are preventable and most blinding disease are remediable even in  the very old.
  • There are charity clinics in all government and university hospitals, even in some big private hospitals. Consult them for any visual complaints. If they are not available in your locality, go to your family physician or optometrist. They will refer you to a competent eye doctor if needed.
  • Good sight is not fully appreciated until its loss or threatened. Blindness is not a will of God. It is often caused by improper care or indifference to warning signals.
  • A Sound mind and a healthy body are necessary to conserve vision.

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