Skillful Driving Part 1 – Being Cautious

Today, I’ll be sharing some useful tips toward a skillful Driving. The first part is about being cautious. This is one of the most important parts to consider on how to achieve a great driving experience.

  • Be wary at every intersection. Particularly a multiple lane intersection, where you look instantly at the first lane of traffic you will come in contact with, moving your eyes LRL, before proceeding into the intersection.
  • Be aware that it takes only a split second of distracted attention on the part of the driver to miss a traffic sign or signal.
  • Be alert and cautious particularly at intersections where traffic and regulatory signs can be hidden by buildings, fences or shrubbery.
  • Be sure you are never caught short when you pass – passing ONLY when you have plenty of room to pull out safely, overtake, and pull back-in long before a driver coming from the opposite direction has to alter his speed or course.
  • Expect the unexpected to happen. Example: Expect that adriver coming from the opposite direction won’t give way to another driver who’s caught short. The skilled driver expects that a driver coming from the opposite direction often will be incensed when another driver attempts to pass in a tight situation. Sometimes, that driver is so incensed, he’ll actually speed up…and speed up into disaster! The skilled driver predicts and make allowances for such drivers, giving them plenty of room.
  • Be ready to yield the right-of-way at all times, convinced that the possible injury, death, loss of time and personal property damage are not worth insisting on his right-of-way “right”?

(My next post is how to keep emotions under control while driving)

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