Skillful Driving Part 4 – Driving Safely At Night

Here’s the last part of my Skillful driving posts. This time let’s focus on how to drive safely at night. The skilled driver is not afraid of the dark, but he respects it, appreciates that visibility is often restricted and drives accordingly.

  • Reduce speed to match any reduced visibility.
  • Protect yourself against unskilled drivers by switching the lever on his rear view mirror to non glare position.
  • Dim your lights for approaching cars because they might be blind approaching drivers, causing them to run off the road… or possibly, lose control and crash head-on into his car.
  • Dim your lights when following other cars at night because the glaring lights of the following car can cause driver to miss a road sign or a traffic danger ahead.

The skilled driver takes advantage of the advantages of night driving:

  • The skilled driver is alert for visible approaching headlight beams on hills and curving roads, telling him that someone is coming toward him over the crest of a hill or around the curve- this readies him to be able to react and avoid trouble.
  • The skilled driver is aware that while traffic is usually lighter during very late hours of darkness, thus making it possible to get some place sooner without the strain of adjusting to heavy traffic, it also has a safety hazard : drunk drivers are on the road more frequently during these hours.

Hope you find my articles useful thanks for dropping by!

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