Sleeping in Sofa?

Have you ever tried sleeping on a wooden and uncomfortable sofa? I did! Most of the time especially when my relatives are here to visit us. We do not have extra room for them that’s why i have no choice but to offer my room. They are our guest so they really deserve that special treatment from us and it isn’t that nice to see them sleeping on the sofa or on the carpet in our living room. For me, that is a sign of being disrespectful.

Anyway, back to the “sofa thing”,it is really not a big deal to me. I really don’t mind sleeping in our wooden sofa or even in our carpet. I gt used to it already haha. And besides, i do have an insomnia. I used to sleep around 4 am to 5 am so i will just be lying there for a short period of time and then wait for them to wake up, then that’s the time for me to enter my room again and sleep the whole day. (what a night owl).

I just hope that my mom and dad will soon realized this sacrifices and i just wish they will think of buying a new sofa or bring this to an upholstery shop and put upholstery fabric on it just like what they did with our dining chairs.

That’s all for now guys, i am so sleepy already. Could you imagine that? It is almost 10 am and i am still awake. This is bad and i should do something to cure this insomnia. Sobs.

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  1. marikoy says:

    Ooohhh.. poor you. Why don't you put lots of pillows on that sofa, so it will be more comfortable? About the insomnia naman, hay, adik ka kasi sa blogging. Hehehe… Ganun nga yata ang sakit nga mga bloggers. But if you really want to sleep, just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Don't think about anything, just force yourself to think of nothing. It works for me.

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