Smartphones: Pros and Cons

Smartphones today are very multi tasking. As a matter of fact you can do a lot of things using this very small device. Who would have thought that a device which is just meant for call and  text massaging services will expand so many features that all of us are enjoying today. We can now surf the web using the our mobile phones, making it so portable than bringing a laptop or a netbook. We can tune in with our favorite music using the built in music player which is definitely a good thing because we do not have to bring that old fashion cd player. We can take photos using the camera and shoot videos using the camcorder which are both installed in almost all smartphones today.

But of course, these have limitations. Some websites are not accessible using the mobile internet. Music are quite limited because you can’t install many files on your phone because the memory card has a limited storage capacity.

Same thing goes with camera and camcorders. The video quality is not as high as what real camcorders can provide so if you really want a video with high definition, then it is always better to buy a separate camcorder. We have so many camcorders today that offers greater features and in fact there are models that will give you an ability to upload photos on the web WITHOUT COMPUTER! For better models and brands, you should read reliable  camcorder reviews online. You can check for best and high quality reviews.

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