Stressing and Painful Week

Finally, i can blog again after that horrible feeling last week. I’m not really feeling well in the past seven days and I have been complaining about my aching lower back, stiff neck, vomiting and cold sweat. At first i thought it was just a flu and all i need is a whole day rest but then i felt so worried when the pain is still there. I know there’s something wrong and so i decided to consult a doctor. Well, i had an X-ray and they discovered that my Pelvic bone was dislocated.

I really don’t have any idea why or how the hell it happened but I’m happy that I’m okay now. The doctor suggested me to take Chiropractic therapy sessions for my immediate recovery. I feel like being renewed now haha, i feel so light and the Physical therapist  always give me a nice and very relaxing massage.

Finally, i can fix my room now without complaining about my back. I was thinking of remodeling my room after i saw those amazing rustic furniture on a catalog magazine (I’m sure there’s cheaper version online). I just want to change thew aura of my room into something more relaxing. Right now, the color of my walls is Sky blue but it’s kinda boring now to me… any suggestions?

But for the mean time, lemme grab this opportunity to relax and unwind after that very stressing and painful week.

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