Stylish Railings

Renovation is such a messy thing. I remember the last time we had renovation in our house, it’s totally a disaster. It took almost 2 months. I remember that irritating mess all over the place, and the non stop banging of hammer here and there! But i can say that the 2 consecutive months of waiting is worthy enough as we see a very satisfying result. My uncle Greg helped us to decorate the house. We all decided to buy wooden furniture for both living and dining room. However, on the exterior part, instead of using ceramic balusters, my dad insisted to place steel railings for our terrace. Well, i guess he failed to realized that steel can be damage easily by rust which makes it very costly because we have to change it from time to time. If we used ceramic balusters instead or those glass railings i saw online.Here i grab some photos of it.

They look so stylish don’t you think? It’s neat and perfect to install in your terrace, porch or balcony.

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