Table Tops

After that two months long renovation, we started to buy furniture for both living and dining room. We decided to replace the old ones since we have been using them for almost 5 years already. We decided to buy wooden furniture which is actually not our first choice but since my dad insisted to have wooden and rustic furniture inside the house, we have no choice but to agree with him. Well, wooden furniture are quite bulky compare to those contemporary and they take a lot of space inside the house too! I remember the last we had these kind of furniture (in our previous house), my brother , who was around 13 years old at that time, accidentally broke the glass table top. These table tops are placed over the table to prevent it from water spoilage, moist and stains. It also added glossy effect and makes the table easy to be cleaned. Replacing table tops, however, is quite expensive if you didn’t handle it with care or the replacement service that you got are very poor in quality. Well, you’re lucky if you were able to find something like the Glass Replacement Portland services which is well known for providing premium quality services.

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