Taking it the Positive Way

PhotobucketHi guys, I know that you’re wondering how I manage to post an entry at least every other day but never got a chance to visit your blogs… It’s because I scheduled my posts for the whole week. I am really tired with my job routine and I miss my active blogging so bad. Actually, i am now considering to give up my job and look for something more manageable. I want a job that will not affect my blogging routine or a job that allows me to blog while working. However, i just can’t give up my job so easily because if i will file my resignation , i have to render another month for it.. sigh… Anyway, i’m sorry guys if I wasn’t really active these past few months… I’m really working on it and hopefully i can manage to bring my active blogging days back. Anyway, let’s look forward to a more positive side. Milzon was really happy to inform me yesterday that he got these three star stamps for getting a high score on their exam. It’s a great relief indeed and I am really proud of him. Keep it up Bro!

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