Taste The Flavors of the World with Bakers Maison by Gardenia

Calling all bread lovers out there! You no longer need to travel from one place to another just to taste the flavors of your favorite pastries! The well known “Bakers Maison” is finally here in the country which will allow you to taste the world! With the premium ingredients of Bakers Maison and with partnership with Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, they are now set to country by delivering delectable breads and pastries that are not just inspired by traditional and authentic French recipes but also with a fusion of flavors from all over the world.
20161213_191656tBakers Maison is not really new in the business. In fact, the company has been serving authentic French-style breads and pastries since 1998 in New South Wales in Australia. They are well known for delivering and serving only the finest products using the finest ingredients and original recipes to create Authentic French taste.
When Two Giant Companies collide! 
In the company’s attempt to expand their brand, Bakers Maison decided to  bring their bakeshop in the Philippines but in order to make it possible, they need the skills, the expertise and high end technologies to serve their products the way they should and they are lucky to find it through Gardenia Bakeries Philippines. With their collaboration with various industry experts, Bakers Maison is now ready to bring the different flavors of the world for the customers own delight.

The super friendly and accommodating staffs of Bakers Maison!

“Taste The World” With Bakers Maison By Gardenia PH

It is very interesting to note that this is not just your typical retail bakeshop. Bakers Maison came up with a very unique theme and that is the concept of bringing different flavors of the world. Bakers Maison will offer a wide and innovative array of baked goods that come in various tastes and textures inspired from different well known breads from different parts of the world.  They came up with an excciting collection of pastries featuring flavors all over the world!
20161213_192219tThe Sourdough De Maison of Egypt
20161213_192114tCheese Royale Croissant of Austria20161213_192140tPan Qu Chocolat of Austria20161213_192150tPeach Custard Danish also from Austria20161213_194757tPesto Bread of Italy20161213_193057tBlueberry Cream Cheese Muffins of United States20161213_194848tDouble Chocolate Chips Cookies of Iran20161213_193355tThey also offer Coffee Cream Cheese Bun of Singapore, Beef Stroganoff Bun of Russia, Shio Pan Salted Bread of Japan and more
Here are more delectable breads that Bakers Maison has to offer
20161213_193346t20161213_193318tOne of the main products of Bakers Maison are the artisan breads. They usually have crusty texture and dense moist center, made according to authentic French recipes. From traditional Banguette and Focaccia to the healthy multigrain sourdough! Bakers Maison can serve them all for you!20161213_193137tAside from the Artisan breads, they also got an overwhelming variety of Viennoiserie including the Croissants and Danish pastries.20161213_194812tBakers Maison also caters different Sandwiches inspired from different popular recipes all over the globe, stuffed with goodness, loaded with healthy vegetables, bursting with flavor and more importantly served with freshly baked breads. They also serve different beverages as well from coffee to juices!

Check out this video below to see more of their products and a brief interview with Mr Marc Quiray of Bakers Maison

Store Expansion
The company is expanding and they are set to officially and formally open their franchise next year. Currently, Bakers Maison has stores located in LIIP Mamplasan Biñan, Laguna, SM North EDSA, Landmark Trinoma, Waltermart Makati, Glorietta 4, and South Park District Alabang.

For more info about their product, you can visit them at their official FB Page (Bakers Maison PH)

PS: Don’t forget to try their yummy and cream-filled Christmas Bun too!

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  • December 15, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    The Pan Qu Chocolat is my fave! I didn’t get to try the Double Chocolate Chips Cookies though 🙁


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