Temptation of Wife

I just watched Temptation of Wife in DVD today and i can tell you guys, this tv series brought me to tears. Okay i know that sounds annoying for a guy like me but damn! the writers behind this story is truly amazing. I just love how the storyline goes and there are no single scene that can bore you here. I guess the reason why this Korean Drama Series is a big hit is because of its very unique story that none of us could ever imagine to happen.No wonder why this is a big hit to us and consistently dominating its time slot.

I don’t want to reveal the story and you better watch it on your own risk. But again, i’m sure this can brought you to tears too just like what it did to me. There will be mixed of emotions and more. We Filipinos are so tired of those traditional drama series, those boring rich and poor fight, those silly love triangles, those martyr protagonist and more! I think it’s time for us Filipinos to come up with something new or else we will continue to support this foreign dramas than our own. We are known for being so creative so show us what you got and bring the original Filipino drama on the limelight again.

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