Tetramycin Plus – Triple Antibiotic Ointment for Burns

Home remedies are good but there are instances that we should not take the risk and consult a health care specialist instead. I came to realized this thing when I tried a home remedy myself but ended up with a disastrous outcome. I was a month ago when I realized that I have a wart on my foot. It’s not too big and not a bothersome either but I was eager to remove it. So i searched some solution online and discovered that garlic is one great home remedy to remove the wart naturally. I grated two cloves of garlic and apply it on top of my wart. I felt the burning pain and I thought it is a sign that it is taking its effect. A day after the application, i realized that i burnt my skin and it turned dark and worst, it was infected and I can see the pubs coming out (gross).

I didn’t go to the doctor and search for another remedy online instead (not advisable though). I came across an article stating that I should apply a triple antibiotic cream and so I ended up buying “Tetramycin Plus”
 photo IMG_7152_zps7c577330.jpg photo IMG_7153_zps3f310b76.jpg

It is an antibacterial skin ointment. The Plus means an additional benefit of this ointment which prevents the burn from scarring or at least lessen its visibility. I tried it to cure my burn due to the raw garlic that I applied on top of my wart (unfortunately, the wart didn’t go away). Impressively, the pubs went away the night after the application and the scar begin to show up. I applied it once more and they went off the day after.

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