The Aftermath

Everything went mad and crazy after the typhoon Glenda. Unfortunately, we are one of the areas that are greatly devastated by the typhoon which caused us to bear with one week power outage. For an online writer like me, this situation is really unbearable. I had to visit the nearest town just to find an Internet Cafe. Luckily, everything falls into their respective places and the power has been restored. The, outage, however, made me insane because as a part of its aftermath, I need to finish a bunch of works and I have to cope up with almost everything. I also gave my cousin a call to check them if they are safe and also to check the status of his small music studio which was established four months ago. It is a private and personal music studio where he placed all his musical instruments like guitars (a wide variety of them), keyboard, drums and probably some other items he purchased at guitar . Their area is prone to flooding but he just sent me a photo stating that they took out all the instrument ahead in time and placed them all inside his room again while waiting for the typhoon to vanish.
 photo 1982117_10201813326679350_1503945455962324556_n_zpsd006e406.jpg

Well, good thing everything is safe on his end. Now, allow me to give time for myself and start finishing my work loads. Good day and God bless!

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