The Art of Feng Shui! Are You Into It?

chinese_zodiac_monkeyChinese New Year is nearly approaching and it’s going to be the  year of Fire Monkey. According to a Feng Shui site, those who were born in the year of Dragon will have a good fortune this year especially when it comes to their career which is really a great thing. The prediction they had with me last year was somehow accurate especially when it comes to my health so with all the positive predictions I have this year, I am hoping that they will all come true. I remember a priest’s homily where he told us that it is not really wrong to practice Feng shui as long as it doesn’t draw your faith and religious belief. Although Feng Shui is about achieving harmony , peace and order in life by manipulating elements and external forces around us, we still have to keep in mind that we are the one making our own fate and according to the Bible, our heavenly Father is the source of peace which is available only through faith in Jesus Christ. Interestingly, parts of the principles of Feng Shui are based on Taoist Philosophy which determines which area of a home is positive/negative and/or how decor and furniture should be arranged.  They said that cleaning or cleansing your home will attract good luck into your home and will bring balance and harmony into your life. They said that this will cleanse your space of all ill fortune and negative energy that accumulated during the past year. Well, unfortunately on my end, cleaning is not really my thing but I am planning to do some rearrangement in my room. I hate clutters but since I share my room with my younger brother, our bedroom is an entire mess. I also hate curtains and other things where mosquitoes can hide. Anyway, I just cam across a site that allows me to create my own floor plan. Here’s our floor plan made by yours truly haha.popo Our house is not as big as what you think. I just don’t know how to adjust the space to make it even more accurate but that’s how the rooms are being divided. I have a big old closet and my dad inherited it from my grandma so it is definitely older than me. I don’t really prefer it to be there and how I wish I have a valid reason to dispose it. My room, aside from the clutters, doesn’t have enough space for all my things. That’s why I prefer this kind of custom bed, the one with huge drawers underneath so I won’t be needing any space consuming closet too. ZZZZZZZI saw some DIY tutorial on YouTube and I think my cousin can do it for me. We just need some special hinges and materials like fulterer drawer slides to make this interesting project possible. As far as the room arrangement is concerned, I’m still searching some recommendations online haha. I came across a website before and according to them Feng Shui has a lot to say when it comes to bed placement. Some do not encourage you to place your bed right next to your door because doors usually have strong flow of energy which could be very unsettling. Same thing applies with other furniture.

Feng Shui will also focus on five elements and how they should be present in your house. Each element is need to bring balance and harmony at home. Water element for example can be applied if you need calm or abundance. You can place water-related items like fountains, aquarium or even a picture depicting beaches and more. Since it’s the year of Fire Monkey, putting a water element at home will bring balance and attract good luck to you.

If you need clarity, freshness or structure, you need to put some Metal elements. Fire element on the other hand is applied if you need more passion, fun or creativity.If you are sick or if you need more energy or breakthrough , then you better add wood element at home. Earth element is used if you are disconnected, overwhelmed, or stressed.

According to a friend of mine, Feng Shui is more than just a ritual but actually an art! Just because you are practicing Feng Shui doesn’t mean you will rely your fate onto it. Again, we are the one making our own fate!

2 thoughts on “The Art of Feng Shui! Are You Into It?

  • January 9, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    What? You wrote a post on feng shui? Haha! Oh, so Christians can actually practise feng shui? Many people have different views regarding this but I have to say that feng shui is all about energy and not religion.

  • January 9, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    I am trying to clear the clutter in my house too! Haha! Its not easy but I will give it a shot! 🙂


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