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It is quite irritating to received emails from those spammers. I know they will not affect you as long as you are not dealing with them. Well, most of the time, they will send you some messages and they will include links inside which is kinda dangerous for your computer because they might be containing Malware which can harm your computer. It kinda funny but most of the emails I got lately are from these spammers.. and guess what, they are all advertising and promoting about their sex items and other related stuffs like enhancers, enlargers, pills, Viagra and so much more. Anyway, since we’re talking about these items, I would like to share some stories about it. I had a chance to watch OFW Diaries last week and they tackled about those Filipinos who are actively participating in some X rated films in Canada and in other States in America. I just love how the documentary is presented and they made some detail explanation about those porn Filipino actors and what made them decide to enter such industry. Well, as you know, Philippines is such a conservative type of country and those kind of activities are not allowed in here. Unlike in most western countries, they are more open about this and in fact, you can even find Sex Toys Store almost everywhere. There are also some sites that showcased such products. Actually I did some research about it and I found out that just like other technologies, these adult toys are also improving in terms of quality and appearance. Well, I hope Philippines is more open about this topic and put an end about those Sex Education and condom usage controversies. Anyway, I better prepare now, will be shopping for Christmas gifts with my cousin. I will buzz about this in my next entry. Have a great day everyone and happy blogging.

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