The First Procession In Antipolo, The Start of Pilgrimage Season

AaAA1 The first Tuesday of May marks the start of the Pilgrimage season in Antipolo. They held a special mass followed by a long procession in which the image of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is brought to the so-called Via Dolorosa (formerly known as the White Cross) on the outskirts of the city, overlooking Metro Manila.
P5051644t The Procession started around 7 am starting from the Antipolo Cathedral. It was a huge crowd of devotees participating on this very long procession which is also known as the “First Procession”. It has been an annual tradition not just for the Antipoleños but for all devotees to our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage all over the country.
P5051650t This is to commemorate the time where Antipolo residents suffered from an epidemic and were healed after the image of Our Lady was brought to the top of the hills and a mass was celebrated. The image will be taken to Via Dolorosa which is situated at the Pinagmisahan Hills.
P5051653 (the entrance to Via Dolorosa). P5051664t Via Dolorosa is a hill-like grotto with life-size images similar to Lucban Quezon’s Kamay Ni Hesus. It is one of the most popular site during the lent season. P5051668 The image of Our Lady taken to the white cross. There was a huge crowd of devotees and we failed to get a closer look. A mass is being held after the procession.
The image of Our Lady heading back to the Antipolo Cathedral.

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