The fish that can Switch Gender

If human can switch gender anytime they want i guess confession like what Ricky Martin did stating he’s a gay is not a big deal to everyone. But dd you know that there’s a creature that can actually switch its gender. Yup! you heard that right! i have read this from a book stating that a fish named “blue groper” can switch gender. So fascinating! The blue groper is a large fish that starts off as a female. As an old male dies, the largest most dominant females turn blue and become males. This is why for the fish, sex ratio doesn’t vary. The blue groper is friendly and even swims right up to divers, a characteristic that may endager thir population.

Little is known about the nature of their sex change. It is believed that they also change gender when they reached a certain size or age. And if a male is removed from the reef, the biggest female will change into male. It is also believed that if there is an imbalance in the number of males and females, a female may turn into a male or the other way around to keep the balance.

Aside from being blue, the males have orange lines radiating from their eyes. The females are smaller and are reddish or brown. Young gropers start out as green and they become brown or reddish as females. When the females change into males, they also change their color from reddish brown to blue. Gropers also have very large lips!

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