The Greatest Electric Guitarist of All Time

 photo jimi_hendrix-208241_zps26477e65.jpgAre you a big fan of Jimi Hendrix? Well, he is probably the most influential electric guitarist of all time and I am personally a big fan of his masterpieces.  His skills is truly incomparable and influenced most of our electric guitar artists today. He is very iconic indeed and is known for popularizing some of the well-known guitar effects that most artists are still using today including the use of the Wah-wah pedal effect, the stereophonic phasing sound effects and more. He is indeed a legacy and it is not really surprising why they are considering Jimi Hendix as the greatest guitarist of all time and one of the greatest artists ever lived. As far as his songs are concerned , I personally like the “Machine Gun” the most. It was actually performed together with his former band, the Band of Gypsys and it was dubbed as the finest electric guitar performances in the history of recorded music. It is very notable for using a wide range of guitar effects including the Wah-wah pedal, Distortion effects, an Octavia pedal and the use Uni-Vibe pedal like that classic dunlop univibe from guitar center. Not to mention those simulated sound effects of helicopters , firing gun and more. It is a remarkable song indeed with a very meaningful message and that is also the reason why I always have this song on top of my list. Cheers!

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