The Importance of Receipt

There is a store near in my area where a lot of customers are complaining about the store’s system in issuing of receipt. I, myself, is also a customer of that shop. When it comes to customer service and the quality of products they are selling, everyone is nothing to worry about it because the crews of that store give their 100% best to serve the customers. The one that causing a lot of trouble is the store receipt issuance system. According to the manager, their printer is the one that causing the trouble. Their printer is not working properly. There were times that the printed receipts are not clear while sometimes, is not producing anything. They thought at first that it was just a problem with the printer’s ink but after refilling it, the problem still persists. It is pretty obvious that the printer itself is the problem and has to be replaced. What they need is a brand new receipt printer to solve this issue. Receipt is very important. It used for verification purposes. Just like for example, the product that you bought is defective and you need to return it to the store where you bought it, they will be requiring you to present the receipt to verify if you really bought it from them.

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