The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

My brother and I were so addicted in watching TV and since he’s too young to watch some action films i have to stick with some cartoons too in order for me to get closer to him. One of the Tv programs that we ussualy watch and we’re a certified avid fan of is telecast in Cartoon Network.

Are you familiar with “The Life and Times of Juniper Lee”? Well, your kids i guess. Juniper Lee is a typical 11 year old girl who enjoys going out with friends, stresses over school work and deals with hopeless siblings. But she’s not as ordibary as you think. I will let you in on a secret~ She’s inherited the enormous responsibility of the depending the world from chaos, whether from a gang of giant leprechauns or some mischievous gnomes who are up to no good. Whew! Suddenly worrying about homewoork doesnt seem so bad at all.

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