The Scarborough Shoal Issue, Which Side are You?

With this on going issue about the islands in West Philippine Sea (formerly known as South China Sea) or the Bajo de Masinloc in particular, I am still hoping that this conflict between China and Philippines will end in a very diplomatic way. For those who are not aware about the issue, allow me to share a brief information about this ongoing debate.

Bajo de Masinloc or also known as Scarborough Shoal is a group of very small islands and reefs located in between the Macclesfield Bank and Luzon Island of our country. However, China has been claiming that the island is a part of their territory and they said that it is against the public international law.  I don’t know much about this particular law but as a citizen of this country , you can’t blame me for favoring my government. Good thing, our Government is trying to face the issue diplomatically which is exactly the way it should be. The issue has been raised as well in the recently held Asian Summit and it seems that most of the members of the committee is in favor with us. Anyway, regardless of the outcome, I hope that this will not affect our relationship to China and other neighboring countries. I have heard that even Taiwan is claiming the said island.

Philippines and China established a diplomatic relation on June 9, 1975 and as far as the history is concerned, we were once conquered by China prior to Spaniards invasion but both countries established a good relationship to each other so do not be surprised if we were able to inherit most of their culture and tradition as well as other terminologies that still being used today. China is indeed a giant country and we are probably nothing against their power but interestingly, despite of this huge gap China and Philippines have some similarities to each other.

I have read some interesting facts about China and I am quite surprise that they do have various languages and dialects too. Same thing with their religions. According to a survey, China belongs to various religions such as Daoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam which is almost the same set of religions that our country has. Their country if filled and abundant with natural resources too. China is indeed an interesting country and I hope this issue about the Scarborough Shoal will not affect our good relationship with them.

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