Things You Should Know About Aspirins

I am not that expert when it comes to medicine but this information took my attention. I found a medicine-related book yesterday and found this information about “Aspirins”.  I guess all of you are familiar with the disease called “Dengue” right? It is deadly disease carried by mosquitoes. It is deadly if you failed to take immediate action to it.  I remember that the Department of Health warned everyone not to take aspirin as an immediate cure for colds and flu. Because if this person has Dengue , aspirin will just worsen the condition.

So here are the Basic Tips To Know About Aspirins.

1. Aspirins deaden pain and so bring relief, but by taking them indiscriminately, there is a possible risk that more serious medical symptoms will go unnoticed as the pain dies down.

2. Aspirins are not a cure! They are pain killers and should be treated as such.

3. If you have any persistent pain or ache, you should seek medical advice to find the cause, rather than doze your self with aspirins. Doctors agree that aspirins are invaluable for the relief of headaches, menstruation pains and cold symptoms. Without Aspirins, they say, their Monday morning surgeries would be given even more packed with patients. The only provisions is that they urge caution when taking them.

4.Some elderly people take aspirins night and morning habitually which could be dangerous unless done under medical supervision. This is because aspirin is acetyl-salicylic acid, which can irritate the lining of the stomach and cause slight internal bleeding. That does not mean every time you take an aspirin you lose few drops of blood, as some people believed. There is the risk though, that prolonged dosage will cause bleeding.

5. Nobody should take more than three aspirins at a time. Never take more than six in a day unless on medical advice.

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