Third Phase of Renovation

Finally, the third phase of the renovation is almost over and right know they are reconstructing both our kitchen and bathroom. It’s going to be a drastic change indeed because we changed the whole composure of our kitchen and the renovation might took three weeks or so. We managed to buy all the ceramic tiles last week and I’m grateful that everything fall into right place at the right time.

After the renovation, I believe that our furniture and electronic appliances deserves a replacement too but I might have to save a lot of money for such plan. If there’s one among all our appliances that has to be replaced, it is most likely the television set. Wer are still using the CRT-like TV and we’re considering to purchase a plasma or a flat screen TV soon. In fact, we just got an offer from our cousin who’s currently looking for a buyer for his second hand plasma tv. It was almost brand new and his offering me the item in a very reasonable price.

I’m not so sure if he’s offering a complete package and I am not sure if it comes up with flat panel mounts but she assures me that the tv is already converted and is now ready for Cable. It is an interesting offer indeed  and I wouldn’t mind buying it at all. But of course, i need to change the item personally before purchasing the item. Any advise guys?

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