This Guy Transforms Fruits And Vegetables Into Musical Instruments

maxresdefaultYesterday, I came across this funny video of a guy named Junji Koyama who has this weird yet somehow fascinating habit of transforming fruits and vegetables into his very own musical instrument (mostly woodwind instruments). I find it actually funny at first and yes he is but after navigating his channel and watched his videos, i started to realized how talented this man is and the kind of creativity he offers is simply incomparable. He may not be skillful enough to nail some of the covers but you can really appreciate the effort. Who would have thought that you can make music out of these fruits and vegetables on the first place? Here’s a video of Junji doing a Vegetable Quartet version of Happy Birthday song.This Guy used  Carrot,Potato,Broccoli and Japanese radish to play such song and it was really amusing to watch but just in case you are not convinced enough that these veggies and fruits can actually turn themselves a big deal in music making, then allow me to share a couple of videos I found on Youtube that showcases a real talent! These improvised instrument may not provide that kind of music quality that a Fender guitar, a yamaha flute or Bach Stradivarius trumpet can produce but still worth listening. Check out these Two Chinese brothers making a big deal of their Vegetable instruments and turning their skills into a career!
In this video, we will be taken to TEDxSydney to witness a remarkable performance of Linsey Pollak after turning a carrot into a clarinet using an electic drill a carrot and a saxophone mouthpiece, and plays it all in a matter of 5 minutes. Now this gives a new meaning of “playing with your food”

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