Tips on Cleaning Your Glass Windows

Cleaning your glass windows is actually a very simple thing to do. If you have squeegee at home, then you can clean them with no ease.  Actually i have read some useful tips on how to clean your window without leaving any spots or brushing marks on it.

Believe it or not, We use old news paper and powdered detergent to clean the glass windows. Well, first,  clean the window using a wet towel dipped into a pail of water mixed with detergent powder. Then crumpled the old newspaper and wipe windows dry using it. The crumpled paper will absorbed the water and will wipe out unwanted stain and spots.

However, what makes this task difficult is the fact that there are some areas, especially huge windows, that cannot be reached by the typical cleaning materials we have at home. This is where hiring a professional window cleaner comes in.  Hiring someone a well known company or agency like the Window Cleaning Portland in Oregon. This will definitely save your time and will make your windows much brighter and clearer than before. A practical decision indeed!

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  1. marikoy says:

    I read somewhere that old nylon stockings are also great in washing glass windows.

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