Tips on Proper Artificial Respiration

Tips on Proper Artificial Respiration

Just recapping what i learned from school! Hehe hope you enjoy it and hope you learn something new!

Mouth to mouth Method.

  1. Place the person who has stopped breathing on his back.
  2. Clean the mouth and throat completely to ensure an open airway to the lungs.
  3. Tilt the head back so that the chin points upward and lift his lower jaw from beneath and behind so that it juts out.
  4. Start artificial respiration immediately. The most important life saving action is to get air into the person’sĀ  lungs either through his mouth or his nose. Open your mouth wide and place it tightly over the person’s mouth. Pinch his nose shut. Or you may close the victim’s mouth and place your mouth over his nose. With an infant or small child. Place your mouth over both his nose and mouth, making an airproof seal.
  5. Blow into the mouth or nose, continuing to hold the unconscious person’s lower jaw, so that it juts out to keep the air passage open.
  6. Remove your mouth from the patient’s mouth. Turn your head to the side and listen to the return of the out flowing air coming from patient’s lungs. If you hear it, you will know that an exchange of air has occurred.
  7. You can then continue your breathingĀ  for the patient. Blow vigorously into his mouth or nose 12 times a minute (20 times / min for infant)
  8. If you are not getting an exchange of air, turn the person on his side ans strike him several times between the shoulder blades.
  9. Normal breathing will start anytime.

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