Toy Story 3

Okay, tell me that i am childish or my age is not appropriate to watch such an animated film but no one can stop me from watching Toy Story 3. I am an avid fan of this animated film knowing that it is the first animated film ever produced. And now that they are on the big screen again for their final installment, i never waste any of my time and watch this once in a lifetime event. To make this post short, i am gonna tell you that i really had so much fun in watching Toy Story 3. The film is full of action and drama and of course a moral lesson to everyone. I don’t want to become a spoiler here so i will just give you a sneak peak on what to expect to this film. Our lovely fellow Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Cowgirl, Mr and Mrs Potato, and the rest of the gang will still be in the film. The story is all about Andy who will be turning in to collage and have to decide whether his toys will stay or will be donated. The toys were sent to a daycare and the adventures take place when the gang try to escape “lotso Bear” and to go back to Andi’s house. You’ll gonna love this film 100%