Upcoming Company Sport Fest

My job as an Office Staff is really stressing especially those Heavy work loads that has to be done before the given dead line. But what stress me more is our upcoming Sport fest. Our Company will be celebrating it’s 21st foundation and one of it’s major event is the sport fest where all of us are required to participate. Actually i would rather stay at the office or just go home than participating in such event because i am not athletic person and i am not lucky enough to have a talent in sport. But since it is required to all employees, i have no choice but to participate. What i hate most is the additional time that i have to spend for my team mates for practice. It seems that my team are aiming to win and i don’t want to failed them. I guess what i need right now is a very effective testosterone booster to keep me energize until the said event. I also need some time to rest and have my self free from those stress.

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