Upcoming Reunion

Summer vacation is just around the corner and i am sure that most of you have plans already. I don’t have plans for my own yet but most of my high school friends are inviting me for our upcoming reunion. I’m really not into such occasion and i would rather stay at home spending most of my time in front of my PC and do all my online activities instead and besides, we just had a reunion last December and it’s really not mandatory to attend the said event. I have heard that they are planning to hit the beach this time and i think I know who is the person behind this idea. I’m sure my friend Kenneth is the one who suggested this Beach reunion. I remember he mentioned it to me before.

Anyway, it’s funny because the main reason why he wanted to hit the beach is because he just wants to see those sexy bodies walking around in front of him. haha. Well you know, that’s men thing! Men will always be men! There are really some traits that only man has and woman don’t. There are also some issues that only men can discuss to each other. I’m sure you haven’t heard of a man discussing about best male enhancement pills or whatsoever to a woman right? Well, unless they are couple who wants to have satisfaction every time they’re making love hehe. Okay, let’s end the line there and not go deeper into this topic hahaha. I’m not so sure yet if i will attend the reunion or not. I will just buzz about it soon. Happy blogging!

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