Upcoming Wedding

Finally, after a long wait, cousin Myrna and his boyfriend will be getting married this coming July. They informed us about this wedding plan last week as they invited us for a dinner. Well , i don’t exactly know the details of their wedding but i have heard that they are planning to have a simple church wedding and it will be held in our province in Ilocos. There are numerous old churches there in Ilocos so even though it’s a simple wedding it will definitely look so expensive.

Anyway, they told me that i will have a participation in the wedding and i have to prepare my self for that haha. Better start searching for diet pills that really work before they start measuring our waistline for our “Barong Tagalog.” Well i don’t wanna be caught with flabs and they should see me at my best haha. Myrna and his fiance is so busy right now preparing for their upcoming wedding. So excited about this. Woohoo.

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