Urinating on Jellyfish Sting?

I’m sure most of you are planning to hit the beach this summer but how if while you are enjoying the scorching heat of the sun and the cool waters of the sea, how if suddenly out of nowhere, a jelly fish (which we called “Salabay” here in our area) stings you. What do you do?Actually this is the reason why i seldom hit the beach because most beaches here in Cavite are inhabited by these Salabay.

I’m sure you will not dare follow the old adage stating that Urine can cure the Jellyfish stings. When you get stung by a Jellyfish’s tentacles, red, whip-like lash of marks appear on your skin. The pain radiates on the sting sites and starts to itch, burn, and throb as it blisters. Scratching it can make the pain worse. Experts recommend washing the area with salt water.  A fresh water rinse will have opposite effect which is really not advisable.

Urine contains salts and electrolytes. Does that make it a good treatment for Jellyfish sting? Not really. It is said that the concentration of salt and other compounds in the urine changes. If it is too dilute, it will be similar to fresh water and cause those stringers to fire. Other liquids and compounds, however, can help like Vinegar or 5 percent acetic acid. Baking Soda and Seawater Paste are also helpful. But of course, if the itchiness and burn are still there after applying those methods, it is better to consult a doctor and let them provide you the right medicine.

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